Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress: How to Fix

How to Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

What if you find out that your website is not generating any traffic and no one seems to be clicking on your posts? You might have found the solution to this problem by reading this blog post! The issue could be as simple as a thumbnail image. Facebook is known for having strict guidelines when it comes to what they allow. If you are using WordPress with an embedded video, then there may be an incorrect thumbnail being generated and shown in Facebook. This can cause major issues with social media marketing and we will show you how to fix it so that all of those visitors start coming back through again!

The first thing that needs to happen is checking which plugin or theme has been added onto the site recently (and maybe uninstalling it). If that doesn’t work, then it might be time to disable plugins and themes until you find the culprit. The next thing is checking how your site looks on mobile devices or seeing if a desktop computer has issues with viewing content as well. All of this can be done by viewing your site while logged into Facebook with a different profile.

If you were able to find the issue, then congratulations! You have saved yourself loads of frustration and wasted time that would have been spent investigating what’s gone wrong on your website. The steps we are about to give will apply if you found nothing in the previous step and Facebook is still showing an incorrect thumbnail image for any content embedded on WordPress platforms. If there is no change after following these steps or everything seems fine, then it may come down to infrastructure issues that need more attention from someone like our IT experts here at RISE Networks.

How to Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

Facebook is Not Picking up The Thumbnail Image:

The Solution

Step One: Uninstall any recent plugin or theme additions

Step Two: Disable all plugins and themes until you find the one that is breaking Facebook thumbnail image placement.

Step Three: Check how your site looks on mobile devices or if there are issues with desktop viewing as well. Viewing it while logged in to Facebook will help determine what platform may be having a problem displaying content correctly. If not, then go back to step two until you find the culprit of this issue which could be WordPress core related functionality errors, an old version of PHP, etc…

Choose Your Facebook Thumbnail with Yoast SEO Plugin

Whether you are a blogger with your own website or someone who manages social media for an organization, choosing what thumbnail image to use on Facebook can be challenging at times. This is due to the fact that it has strict guidelines about the size and orientation of images which must show up correctly in order for there not to be any problems with marketing strategies on this platform. There are many different plugins out there that will help make things easier but one we like here at RISE Networks is Yoast SEO plugin because it does so much more than just generate thumbnails!

This plugin will also optimize every page they have created by checking on_page elements such as meta descriptions and titles, keywords (including synonyms), headings, subheadings, URLs etc. – all of which can be edited in the dashboard from one central location!

Facebook is also known to show posts that are very different when it comes to timeline feeds and what users see on their personal profiles. We will talk about how this plugin works for each type below:

Personal Profile Feed:

If you are a user, then this is the timeline that will show up when you log into Facebook. You can post anything but it does have to abide by their guidelines in terms of size and orientation for images (portrait). Otherwise, your posts may not appear properly on other timelines or feeds which could lead to lost engagement from others who follow your page!

Page Timeline Feeds:

This feed would be what users see if they go directly to an external website like yours. This includes notifications about new content being posted as well as updates about old ones with something published recently. The plugin has been programmed so that when these things happen, there is no need for them to ever leave Facebook because they are all there in the feed.

The plugin also makes it easy for users to choose a different thumbnail image because they can upload their own or use one of the many that come with this particular package! Whether you want to change things up and experiment, create consistency among your posts on Facebook, or just try something new – these features really make life easier when managing content for any platform.

We recommend Yoast SEO Plugin as an alternative option if nothing has changed after following step number three above. This is because it does so much more than just generate thumbnails including optimizing every page by checking on_page elements such as meta descriptions and titles, keywords (including synonyms), headings, subheadings etc.; all from one central location in the dashboard.

 Facebook Debug Tool to Clear the Cache

Try clearing your cache with Facebook Debug Tool and see what happens! This will reset any caching issues on your end so there’s no need for guesswork anymore. Just follow these easy steps below:

– Go to Facebook debug tool by clicking “Clear Cache” in settings > Account Settings > General tab (it may take up to 20 minutes)

– When finished, click “Done” from the same screen where you clicked Clear Cache earlier

– Check to see if the problem has been resolved

– If not, click “Clear Cache” and try again! Keep in mind that this takes up to 20 minutes.