Post IDs on Facebook: How to Find Them

How to find post ID on Facebook

A post ID on Facebook is a unique number that identifies one post in the database. It can be found by clicking on any link to share or promote a blog post, and then copy-pasting the URL into your address bar. If you have ever wondered how to find it, this article will show you how!

How do you find post IDs on Facebook?

– Find a link to share or promote a blog post.

– Copy and paste the URL into your address bar.

– The ID will be displayed in parentheses at the end of the URL. For example, if your article was titled “Post with how tos” then it would show as: howtohows(postid).html)

– Now that you have found this information, feel free to copy and paste it anywhere! If someone shares one of your articles on their timeline (or any other place), they can add an attribution by including “[published]by [Company Name]” followed by the full post ID number from earlier.” Example: howtohows(postid).html)

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