Google has confirmed updating their local search results

Google has confirmed that it is rolling out a new algorithm for local searches, which will be known as the November 2021 Update.

Google has confirmed that an algorithm update began rolling out to local search results at the end of November and ended on December 8. This change involved a “rebalancing” in how ranking factors are assessed when generating personalized listings for each user, which is officially being referred as The November 2021 Local Search Update despite likely not having fully taken effect until early next year.”

Google recently announced updates to their algorithm. The weight of each ranking factor has been rebalanced, so it’s important that you continue following local SEO best practices in order for your site and business profile to match what people are searching for as closely possible!

The November algorithm update was a big one, with Google changing their ranking factors and giving more weight to local businesses. This can make it difficult for competitors who may not have as strong of information or presence on the internet – but don’t worry! There are ways around this problem by rebalancing your efforts so that they’re focused where you want them most: namely promoting yourself through Business Profiles versus using Other High Traffic Search Engines like Bing & Yahoo!.

You may not have noticed a change in ranking, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe.
A major update to Google’s algorithm can dramatically affect how well your business shows up when people search for products or services like yours online – so even though there haven’t been any visible effects on our end yet (and likely won’t be), keep an eye out!