SEO for Moving Companies

SEO for Moving Companies

Most moving companies are not aware of the importance of SEO. Your business is a moving company, and you spend most of your time on the phone with customers who have questions about their upcoming move. You can’t be expected to know everything that goes into an efficient SEO strategy for a website. That’s why we put together this guide!

We’ve got tips for improving your search engine ranking, as well as information on how to incorporate social media into your marketing plan. This guide will give you all the tools necessary to increase your visibility online and take care of any potential customers looking for a professional mover in their area!

Create your Business listing

Google my business

-Create a Google My Business page for your company and include the name of your business, address information (including map link), hours of operation, phone number, email or website. Choose whether you want to show up in search results as “business,” “place” or both. You can also upload photos that will be displayed next to the details about your business online. Be sure to claim ownership over all listings with another person’s contact information by verifying them!

Relevant directories

-Add your business to as many relevant directories, including Yelp and Angie’s List. These will give you more online presence than just a Google My Business listing!

Remember that adding yourself to these sites should be done separately for each site and not on the same day of signing up for Google My Business, unless they offer an integration option. If possible, also include information about what services you provide in the directory description field so it is sure to show up when people search the service or product name.

-Include links back to your website from other websites where applicable: if you are interviewed by another company’s blog article (or one with a similar audience) then link back to your own company article; write reviews on products like Yelp (or other similar site), Amazon or a product review website; if you are mentioned in local news articles, add links to those articles.

Social media profiles

-Create social media profiles for your business on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Set up an account with Google+ as well – it is important that you have one here because it’s the first place people will go when they want to find information about your company! Be sure you’re using correct branding across all pages, so everything matches seamlessly!

 Make your website functional

-Your company website should have a page that is dedicated to your “About Us” information, with an in-depth overview of the team. It should also include all contact information for potential customers – phone number, address and email are ideal. Don’t forget about social media, either! Include links on this page, so people can quickly find them if they’re not already listed elsewhere on the site.

-You may think you don’t need a separate blog section now, but it’s worth having one, just in case you decide to start using it later for increased web presence or marketing purposes. You never know what might happen down the road, and being prepared will save time when things do change! The content doesn’t necessarily have to be about moving – it can be about industry related topics or even company specific news.

-Your contact information should also include a map link to your physical location, including hours of operation and driving directions from major nearby locations (be sure that the driving directions are accurate!). This will make it easier for customers to find you! Be sure not to list any outdated details – if you no longer have an online booking form, then take down the URL directing people there, so they don’t end up in a dead end page with old content on it.

-If you sign up for Google Maps’ business listing service, you’ll get more detailed information about managing reviews and adding photos, too. You may want to consider getting verified here as well because this shows credibility.

Choose relevant keywords

-It’s important to choose relevant keywords when publishing content on your own website. The best way to do this is by using a tool that analyzes the competition for certain words and suggests them as possible candidates for you – HubSpot has one of these tools available

! This will help you get more traffic from searches related to those terms in the future too, which is always ideal. You can also use Google Ads’ Keyword Tool if needed: start with entering what type of service or product(s) you offer and then add some keyword variations into the search bar before pressing enter (for example, “moving services California“).

The following are all great places where it would be helpful for moving companies to advertise:

-Google AdWords

-LinkedIn Ads (or other job site ads)

-Facebook Business Page or fan page advertising with likes and shares enabled for more visibility.

recommended content to use on social media channels

Your company’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts should be used as a way of interacting with customers directly – ask them questions about their moving needs, share links to articles related to your industry or pictures from recent jobs you’ve completed!

You can also post information about new services that are now available or any changes in the team at your business, if applicable. Be sure not to send out too many posts in one day, though: it’ll get annoying for people who follow your account

On Page SEO

This is a vital step to take when you’re looking to rank higher in search engines. It’s also important to have images that are relevant, informative or eye catching – these are what make your site stick out from those of other businesses so they get more clicks too.

You can use free tools like Canva and Design Wizard to create professional graphics with ease if needed: just sign up for an account (or login) and then choose the type of graphic you want it by clicking “design” after logging in . You can choose from a variety of templates for each type, save your work, and then share it on social media to get the word out.

-You’ll also want to include keywords in your headings so people can find what they’re looking for more easily too – if you have multiple sections with specific topics like “moving tips” or “rates” then these are great places to place them!

Don’t be afraid to use phrases that might not rank as high either: sometimes using variations of commonly searched terms is enough because those who are actively searching may never see your site otherwise (even though you won’t make it into Google’s top results). It’s worth noting here that mobile users now account for 50% of all traffic according to Statista.

-It’s also important to keep your content relevant and up to date – if you’re no longer in business, then remove all posts about the company, or else people will continue coming back here for information that isn’t available. You can use the pages on your site as an archive of sorts: this way interested readers know what was previously offered but don’t have a dead end with outdated content when they click through now.

Check Your Site’s Speed

Slow load times can make people more likely to leave your site without purchasing anything or visiting any other pages. It’s worth checking out the Google Page Speed Insights tool and then following their suggestions for improvement so that you’ll perform better in search engine rankings too.

Be sure to include a “no thanks” link on your shopping cart page if this happens, as it might be what prevents them from completing an order (which is obviously not ideal).

-If you’re using WordPress, there are plenty of plugins available which will work with most hosting packages. WP Rocket has consistently been at the top of these lists due to its ease of use: just install it like all others and then follow instructions provided when prompted! You can also take a look at how much bandwidth you’re using and then try downgrading your plan to something less expensive if needed.

-If you’re not on WordPress, there are still options available: Squarespace is one of the most popular sites for building websites because it’s so easy to use – all you have to do is drag and drop different pieces together, add text boxes or content blocks as needed (or just write directly onto the page) and then publish! You can also choose from templates that fit any budget too.

-Another option worth considering is Weebly which has free tools like domain name registration offered right in their dashboard along with hosting packages starting below $0/month). The downside here might be lack of customization though, as you can’t really change the design layout of your site and will instead need to use templates.

-If you’ve already made a website, then it’s important to keep in mind that built-in caching systems like WordPress are what make them fast – this means adding plugins which might slow things down or editing code improperly could be causing the slowness, so try reverting to default first before doing anything else if there’s an issue.

You’ll also want to check out any sites on here for suggestions, such as YSlow (this is what Google Pagespeed Insights mentioned above was based off). There are some free tools available too: Pingdom Tools has been around since 1999 when they were originally created by Peter Wainwright!

-You can also build backlinks for your site by participating in forums and other communities related to the industry or niche you’re focusing on. These might be specific types of moving services, like furniture movers for example – so find a forum where people discuss these topics because then you’ll have an opportunity to leave comments which are relevant to their interests.

It’s worth mentioning that you should make sure there is good content posted here too before jumping into anything: if it appears spammy, they most likely won’t approve your request!

-Another way would be to share links from some of those articles and blog posts with others out on social media platforms – this will help give them exposure while giving yours another chance at being seen as well. It’s a win-win situation!

-For those who are on Twitter, you’ll want to connect with influencers in your industry there and then follow them too. You can also use hashtags like #movingchicago or #moversmiami so that other people nearby might see what you’re talking about – this will give the impression of heightened relevancy (and make it more likely they’ll click through) as well.

So if you need professional moving company SEO services, be free to contact us, and we will provide you results.