WordPress duplicate page

Many people are not aware that they can actually duplicate a whole WordPress post and this can be done in minutes! In actuality, duplicating a WordPress post is almost as easy as importing a single page or article from Google Docs into WordPress with the title already in it. In this article, you will first learn how to utilize two free WordPress Plugins to quickly duplicate a specific post or page. You will then be taken through the process of importing your data and setting up the plugin so that it is automatically copied to your new WordPress blog. Finally, after installation and initial configuration, your posts or pages will appear as if they were copied from Google Docs.

Importing a single document or article is not the only way to create WordPress duplicate pages, however. There are also some free WordPress plugins available that make it quite easy to quickly duplicate many different types of content. The plugins that I like the most are Advanced Duplicate Page Widget and Article Duplicate Widget.You can try out these plugins here

In order to use either of these WordPress Plugins, all that is required is that you open a copy of the plugin and then import your data. The plugin will then do all the work for you, including duplicating your page and article when you save it to your website. These are just two of many great free WordPress plugins available that make the process of importing data extremely easy.