APP Is Not Indexable By Google Search

app is not indexable by google search

APP Is Not Indexable By Google Search

Does your mobile app get a good amount of search engine rankings? This is one of the many questions you will be faced with if you are building an app for Google. The thing about getting an app indexed by Google is that it takes time. Let’s look at some ways to make sure your APP Is Not Indexable By Google Search.

Use An Official Website For Your App: You could consider building a website for your app that is similar to the official website for your business. Most of the time, Google will crawl a website and index it even if it is just a site page. If you want your app to get a good search engine ranking, you should consider using an official website to list it on.

Build A Number Of Press Releases: The best way to get your app indexed by Google is to do some press releases and give them a spin. Search for keywords related to what you have to offer in the search engines. Write some interesting and engaging articles about your product and submit them to press release sites. They often times have great search engine rankings and can lead to a good amount of organic traffic.

Build A Social Media Presence : You need to join several of the most popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter so you can promote your app well. Google has made it very easy to do this. They have the Google App Engine Optimizer tool that will allow you to quickly and easily publish to all these sites. This will also help you build your brand recognition because of the links from the other social networking pages you will be linked to as well.

Update Your Application: There are updates to apps everywhere. Take a look at your app regularly to see if there is a new version available that will make it indexable again. If you submit an update, Google will most likely index it. If you decide you don’t want to update, make sure to remove the old version from the Play Store listing. People will be far more likely to check out your newer offering if they can find it in the app store. Also, if you update the application by adding a new screen or taking the feature away, this can also make it indexable.

Make Your Page More Dynamic: Your page content should be rich in content, images, video, and interactive. These are what people are willing to pay for, so don’t leave anything to chance. Don’t over optimize the page, though. A lot of times people will get a high ranking for a static page but it will not do any good if people don’t find it. If your layout is too boring, don’t add too many graphics or images. These can lower your ranking considerably.

Create A Link To Your App: You can create a baclinks account or your website to your app. This helps users identify your app as something they can use. It also shows them that you acknowledge the existence of your app. These little steps can go a long way in ensuring you get a higher ranking.

Do Some Market Research: One of the best ways to give your app a boost is to make yourself aware of the needs of the market. Do some market research on how other companies are targeting the keywords that describe your app. Also make a list of features you think your app should have and look for apps that have these features. By following this strategy, you’ll increase your chances of being found in the app store.