Top Tips On How to Optimize Your Email Campaigns

Top Tips On How to Optimize Your Email Campaigns

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Top Tips On How to Optimize Your Email Campaigns

The digital marketing world keeps on growing year after year. For every new platform, social media site, and software upgrade, one channel has continued to keep hold of its influence and impact on the profession: email. 

There’s nothing quite like a killer email marketing campaign. When it works, it’s one of the most effective ways to reach audiences and stake your claim on audiences new and old. Likewise, it’s continuously the place people look to hear about new products and services as well as get updates from their favorite companies and brands.

When it comes to email marketing, the medium might be nothing new but your approach should always be changing. Here are a few tips to optimize your email campaigns for maximum effectiveness. 

Top Ways to Optimize your Email Campaigns 

Even if you’re on top of your email marketing game, there’s always room to improve. Keep these tips in mind as you optimize your campaigns.

Make a Good First Impression

Want to make sure your email doesn’t automatically get thrown in the virtual trash? If you’re like most users, then it’s all going to come down to the subject line and header. When subscribers first interact with your email, they’ll see two things. Firstly, the subject line is the most influential first impression you can make. If you’re not giving them something worth clicking on, then it’s right to the garbage in most cases. 

Likewise, a preheader can be a little longer preview of what’s to come in the email. When it comes to making sure an email is opened and engaged with, these two elements are crucial. Be sure to create the best email subject line you can by keeping things short, sweet, and to the point with enough of a catch to get a click.

Follow the Four Steps of Persuasion

When it comes to persuading someone to open an email, your subject line and preheader can go a long way. When you get someone to open an email, then it’s time to dive into the four steps of persuasion that always work. Firstly, you’ll grab their attention. This can be some catchy line or a fact that keeps them reading. Next, create a need for your user. This could be reminding them of a changing season or a quick highlight of what makes your service special.

Next, satisfy the need you just created for your audience. Remind them of what you offer and what you do better than the competition. From there, the last step is simply to give them an action to follow. Click to a link, check out a new product page, the choice is yours! It sounds simple, but that’s because the formula works. Always has, and always will.

Optimize for the Mobile World

47% of email users check their inbox from a mobile device nowadays. While you might think this is a simple choice, it’s actually a huge shift we’re seeing in the digital marketing world. If you want to ensure these users, who grow in numbers each and every year, can see your email effectively, you’ll want to optimize for mobile screens.

Depending on your email campaign software platform, there’s a good chance that easy to follow settings allow you to optimize for mobile without much extra work. The good news is that you’re probably a click or two away from optimizing! The bad news is that sometimes things look better on desktop than mobile. 

Rather than make two separate email campaigns, simply ensure your current email campaign layout fits mobile and desktop screens. It’s crucial, and if anything, it’s a good excuse to redo your design layout and keep things fresh!