Which business areas have benefited from the pandemic

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Which business areas have benefited from the pandemic

And also the accounts of which businesses were blocked most often.

Analysts of the online compared the data from January to December 2019 with the same period in 2020.

The most winning businesses of the outgoing year were software development, clothing manufacturing and online trading. With a great lag behind them, but also with a tangible growth, there are medical goods and services, non-food goods, as well as trade in equipment and wholesale trade.

Tourism, hotel business, as well as entertainment and sports events were expected to be in decline. Restaurants initially focused on delivery have not lost much in volume. And other public catering companies were not able to fully compensate for their costs due to delivery.

Taxi turned out to be the most unpredictable area. At different times of the year, there were both recessions and ups. At the beginning of the year, taxis were not so popular, people tried to save on everything, and by the summer, due to the risk of infection, it became a ubiquitous mode of transportation.

Most often, the tax authorities blocked businesses from the delivery, medical equipment, freelance and call centers. One company had two active locks per month.

Many businesses have been liquidated this year. And one of the main trends was the redistribution of income between different industries. Here everything turned out without any special surprises, and among the “leaders” were still construction, wholesale and retail trade, as well as transportation and storage.

The comparison involved the client’s database of the bank itself, the number of which is not covered by employees. However, it is known that the number of clients in 2018 was 207 thousand, and in 2019 it was projected to grow to 300 thousand clients.