Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is an internet-based community-powered knowledge marketplace, or Knowledge community, from Yahoo! Answers which enables users to post questions for others to answer and then vote on the ones they think are the most important. It is similar to other sites like Digg and Reddit but rather than the posts being voted by the readers, the answers are posted by a team of experts who will try to answer the most pressing questions related to a particular topic. The site was launched in 2021 and has had great success ever since. Here are a few of the reasons why:

yahoo answers

It is very easy to use! A large number of people use the site every day, many of whom are searching for answers to their pressing concerns or problems. All that one needs to do is type in a question in the search bar provided and let Yahoo! Answers do the rest!

The interface is clean and intuitive. The site is very simple for the layman to use and navigate. Unlike other search engine sites like Google, where there are so many options and features that might confuse one, Yahoo! Answers have only a few select features and commands that one must master in order to fully optimize the site.

Yahoo! Answers users are rewarded with points when they ask good questions. Each time a question is asked, the point counter goes up. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, eBooks, information on special offers, cash and much more.

Yahoo! Answers also lets people search other people’s queries. Say, for instance, Bob wants to know what his neighbor’s dog looks like. He searches for “barking dog” in the Yahoo! Answers search box. When he gets a result, he earns a reward.

Yahoo! Answers have now joined the digital age by offering a blog. Here, Yahoo! Answers users can write blogs about whatever they want – even sex! The blog gets updated daily and has the potential to get a lot of visitors, especially if it is related to the answers given on Yahoo! Answers.

Yahoo! Answers can compete with the search engines like Google and Yahoo! Now. Answers are still listed at the bottom of the search results. So, the content still has not been seen by millions of people.

Yahoo! Answers may be destined to join Google and Yahoo! Answers’ fate. But then again, nothing beats a face to face interaction. That is where a real live person, usually a Yahoo! Answers user, can help and guide us in making the right decision or purchasing the wrong one!

Yahoo! Answers is no different from forums except that they give more personalized service. Users can create their own profile, which includes their interests and hobbies. This gives them the chance to talk about their personal problems. For example, someone may be looking for a good place to buy fish oil but doesn’t know where to start his search.

Others may need help in fixing their computer. Yahoo! Answers members can help out by answering questions related to their niche. They can give tips on how to fix a slow computer, how to make a virus free computer and other related questions. The more in-depth the answer is, the higher the rating!

Yahoo! Answers is still just a search tool. It does not have all the features that its sister site yahoo! Answers have. The best part is that people are allowed to post as many questions as they want and the community will answer as many questions as there are people available to take them.

Yahoo! Answers is still new and probably the best way for people to get advice from people with real-life experience. Unlike other sites, people feel like they are speaking to an actual person when they use Yahoo!

With so many unanswered questions, it’s hard to know where to turn. Yahoo! Answers are a great source of information that can solve many of the problems you might be experiencing. Take advantage of it today!