Instagram New Policy

Instagram has just implemented a new policy that will affect how users can use their accounts. According to the new rules, a user is not able to upload five hundred images in a single Instagram account. This means that if you have a large number of images uploaded to your account that break the new Instagram policy you will be limited to only displaying those images in the selected search.

instagram new policy

This means that those who are heavily posting images and receiving a lot of attention will not be allowed to have too many images in their account. Also, anyone who is a member of Instagram before today may continue using the service. But, anyone who signs up after this date will not be able to upload any images for a year. The restrictions also apply to anyone who attempts to upload an image that uses a copyrighted symbol or image. This means that even images of dogs and balls could find their way onto the deleted section of the service.

In order to upload images to the Instagram service, a user will need to have a profile page. Anyone can then request that their picture be uploaded by visiting their profile page. If a picture is available, it will then appear as a showcase on the main page. However, the user will need to confirm that they do in fact want to upload the picture before it will go live.

Photos can only be uploaded one at a time. After doing this a user will be unable to change the status and remove a photo from their account. The same restriction applies for those who try to re-publish a photo through the share button. They may still be able to publish the photo but their status may appear as “unpublished” once again. The only real option available is to clear the image and re-size the image.

If a user tries to upload five hundred images, they will be restricted to viewing those images on their personal homepage. Additionally, if they try to upload any image of someone else they may be banned. The reason for this is that there may be illegal intellectual property involved. It is also likely that these new rules are being introduced in order to combat spam.

Those who intend to post any personal or business photos online will probably find this new policy unpleasant. In general, if a person intends to sell something or contact other individuals using their profile it makes good business sense to leave that feature available. There may not however be any requirement for users to inform others of their intent. Users may therefore continue to use the photo-sharing function of their account to share photos with friends and family who may not be aware of the new policy.

Businesses should also understand that they may not be able to upload pictures in full resolution. Higher quality images may be available for a fee. There is no indication as to how much it will cost, only that Instagram will require a payment when uploading high resolution photos. There is also no indication as to when those fees will begin. Users who are used to using high resolution photos may find that they cannot upload them at all while Instagram newcomers will find that the quality of images can become quite messy. This new policy is likely to affect all Instagram users.

The lack of clarity surrounding Instagram photo sharing has resulted in many questions being asked by users. One major question that is being asked is whether it will be possible for users to upload higher quality photos using their current accounts. There is no confirmation as to when uploading quality photos will become a fee-based activity. Some have speculated that it will become necessary for users to upgrade to a pro account in order to upload quality photos. Until then, it appears that the only way to upload photos in high definition is to join the premium Instagram members area.