Cloudflare has released its website analytics system

It is free, does not use cookies and works without additional scripts.

Cloudflare announced its website analytics tool back in September and today officially announced its launch. It is non-commercial: according to the creators, the main goal of the product is to provide all data for optimizers around the world without compromising privacy.

Cloudflare Web Analytics can be used without changing your DNS settings by simply adding an HTML snippet. This simplifies the work and reduces the load on the system: the tool can be used even on weak devices.

However, you shouldn’t expect something supernatural from it – the metric is based on two main factors: the number of page views and visits.

Cloudflare has released its website analytics system

One of the handy tricks is scaling and grouping a dedicated area to see which pages bring the most traffic, from which regions and from which devices. Cloudflare’s tool also shows all visitors, even those with an ad blocker.

Cloudflare’s tool can be used by aspiring London SEOs who don’t have complex analytics queries.