How to choosing the right webdesign agency?

How to choosing the right webdesign agency?

If yo are looking for a new webshop or website, or are tired of your old design and want a new and more modern webdesign, you are likely considering how to find the right webdesign angecy for the job. This is an important task because they will be responsible for creating a website that fits your brand, your target audience and functions properly. If this isn’t done correctly it is something that can easily cost you a lot of money.

So what should you consider before going with the first and best company that show up for a google search on webbureau or webdesign? Let me give you a few tips that will help make this task a lot easier and make sure that you choose the right webdesign agency in your first pick.

So how do you pick which company to go with? Below we’re sharing 4 tips on to help you choose your web design agency and 5 questions to ask potential new web design partners.

1. Make a List what requirements you have to your website

Before you even being to think about finding a webdesign agency you should get a good idea about what features and functions you need on your website. Should people be able to call you or contact you though a contact form. Do you need any kind of booking service? Special forms or other special features? Do you need any 3. party integrations like connecting your webshop to your shipping service or a specific payment gateway?

Before you begin searching for web design agencies, you need to have an idea of what you want your website to do and the features it MUST have to help you achieve your goals. After all, your website is a business and marketing tool – not just a pretty design.

The more precise you can specify what you are need, the better the chances are that the web agency will provide something you will love.

The ideal task here would be to make a website specification documents or at least the first draft for one. You can find many templates for this on the Internet.  If this task is a bit to complicated, you should do it as one of the first tasks with the webdesign agency you pick.

2. Ask for a portfolio

Ask the web agency you are considering hiring for some examples of their work. Each webdesigner often have his or her own style, and maybe it’s a style that doesn’t align with what you had in mind for your new website. It also gives you idea about their webdesign skills. If they are unable to provide any previous examples, you should just move on and contact another webbureau.

3. pick a local webagency

If possible, it often makes more sense to pick a local webbureau instead of locate at the other side of the country or even worse, in another country. Having the opportunity to sit down with them in person and meet face to face is so much more effective compared to telephone or online meetings.
If there is only 1 web agency near you and they aren’t that good, you should of course find someone else. Finding someone with the right skills and service level are after all more important.

4. Check their reviews and online testimonials

What are other peoples experience with this company? Tons of satisfied customers or are many of their reviews negative? Don’t always trust what they write on their own site but look at 3. Party review sites like Facebook reviews, Google reviews, Yelp etc.. You don’t want to work with someone who has a poor customer support service.

5. Establish a realistic timeline

Don’t expect the webagency to have your new webshop up and running in a week. If they say that isn’t a problem they will likely not be spending enough time on the project to give you something that’s really good. Don’t give them an unrealistic timeline either by demanding that it should be done in two weeks. While it’s possible, keep in mind that things like researching your target audience, your visual brand, finding and fixing bugs, testing on various platforms is something that takes time. Also keep in mind that you most likely aren’t their only customer. They will likely be working on several different projects at once.

6. Do they offer any other services you need?

Once you have your webshop or website done, then it’s time to make a marketing strategy aimed at getting more customers visiting your website. Is this also something your webdesign agency can help you with or will you need to find another company for that part? If it’s a huge bonus if they can help you with this too, as they already know your business and how your website functions.

This was a few tips to help you choose the right webdesign agency, a task that is pretty important if you want the best possible website or webshop in order to maximize your profit from it.